Company History

  • The company, which will soon celebrate 30 years of its existence, certainly deserves a word about history and people who not only participated in the establishment of the company, but also went a long way with it.

    1994 - 1998 The beginning

    At the beginning of the story stood two people and their brave business plan. Mr. Rolf Manfred Berchtold, owner of an already successful company based near Bodensee, Germany and a starting young businessman Ing. Michal Kostun from Pilsen, Czech Republic. A small Czech company with a foreign business share is established in the West Bohemian metropolis, which finds its shareof the market as a seller of machines for the production of windows and doors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company grows over time, recruits many capable employees, gains more and more experience. In cooperation with the company BERCHTOLD Fensterbaumaschinen GmbH, it wins many smaller and larger orders, and is able to provide manufacturers of windows and doors, especially PVC material, with complete machinery. It can provide quality service and delivery of all spare parts. It offers customers technological advice in optimizing production.

    We can name the most important customers

    VEKRA spol. s.r.o. PKS okna a.s Pramos a.s.
    DAFE PLAST Jihlava s.r.o. WELL s.r.o. KOBLA, spol. s r.o.
    LD Inwest a.s. REGNO s.r.o Otherm a.s
    SULKO s.r.o. Stavoprojekta a.s. A+M Fenster s.r.o.
    BOHEMIA PLAST GROUP s.r.o. HESTA spol. s r.o. STAKOPLAST CZ spol. s r.o.

    and many others

  • 1998 - 2002 Metal production

    In 1998, company BERCHTOLD expanse its portfolio. A locksmith and welding workshop is being established in the Chebská area. The company produces handling equipment, trolleys, stands, tables and shelves for not only domestic market, but the products are exported to foreign window companies all around the world.

  • 2002 - 2018 Expansion of the portfolio with precision

    In the year 2002 the production department acquires its first CNC millingcentre. Thanks to the acquisition of CNC milling experts, the company is able to produce machine parts with high precision, aimed at the manufacturers of window machines, specifically Hollinger GmbH, ROTOX GmbH, AFS Federhenn GmbH.

    Thanks to all its employees, the company is becoming a reliable partner of the Czech and foreign engineering industries.

  • 2018 – until now A new beginning

    However, 2018 becomes a turning point for the company. By an agreement with foreign business partners on the separation and division of activities, the company is limited to engineering production, assembly, locksmithing and welding work. This time, the new main customer is StürtzMaschinenbau GmbH, based in Neustadt, which is again a manufacturer of machinery for the production of windows and doors. However, it also finds its customers and business partners in the Czech Republic, such as

    TORO Tech s.r.o. UNIT PLUS s.r.o.

    At the end of 2019, after 25 years of the company's existence, Ing. Michal Kosťun Jr., continues to follow his father's footsteps with the support of all his employees.